Shot in Thailand. Starring Baem Ung   

Production House: Fanatic // EP:  Michael Wang   // Director: Marcos Mijan // DOP: Luka Milicevic// Editing & Music Mix: Bell// Colour: Nikola Stefanovic


"Slaves of the past where worth stealing and worth chasing down if they escaped. Today slaves cost so little that it is not worth the hassle of securing payment "Legal" ownership. Slaves are disposable". Kevin Bales.

Today is an important day for Baem, because today, she will leave the small village in north of Thailand where she has been all her life to start all by herself in Bangkok. She has heard stories, she has seen people come back. She knows that nothing good will happen.  Still she is going to leave, there is no other option.

Today her life will change completely and still she doesn't feel anything.

This is how things are when you are born is a small village in Thailand.