Porsche India

After years of shooting for Porsche China, we were given a lot of freedom to select Porsche owners and shoot their stories around India. After a month of traveling from Dehli to Jodhpur, Mumbai, and Kerala we got lots of nice footage.

Devoted DOP Gian Paolo Lupori brought from Japan his 16mm camera, film stock, and his set of Lomo Anamorphics. Early Man Film helped with the whole process from searching the right angle for the stories to dealing with the intricacies of shooting in India. And later, colorist Fran Condor and Monster Music really helped with giving the films the right tone and atmosphere. The voice-over is taken from the works of Jorge Luis Borges and Walt Whitman.


Manfred Bräunl: CEO Porsche Middle East

Gero Stanzel: Marketing Communications Manager at Porsche Middle East

Nitin Prabhu: Assistant General Manager - Marketing at Porsche India

Early Man Film (Mumbai)

Anand Menon - Executive Producer

Vineeth Menon - 1st AD

Subodh Gupta - Line Producer

Director: Marcos Mijan

DOP: Gianpaolo Lupori

Executive Producer: Anand Menon

Editor: Lluis Murua & Marcos Mijan

Color: Fran Condor

Original Composition: Monster Music (Roy Shen-Zoor)

Sound Design: Monster Music (Quincy Vlijtig)