Shot in Beijing,  Shanghai, Chiang Mai, Milan, Quzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Hong Kong. 

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy  // Production House: Fanatic // EP:  Michael Wang   // Director: Marcos Mijan // DOP: Lukas Milicevic// Editing & Music Mix: Bell// Colour: Zhang Yingjie.


Porsche asked to produce 12 short films to portray in an authentic and credible way some relevant Porsche owners across China and make them the protagonist of an interesting story based on their real profession and life habits. 

I worked out 12 different stereotypes coming from cultural, technical and academical backgrounds. 

Using Porsche database and dealer contacts we search for real Porsche owners that could fulfill those profiles. 

Once selected and having some meetings with them, I developed dedicated storylines that could help introduce in an interesting and cinematic way each of them.

The result was the production of 12 short films, each having one of those people as a protagonist.  Traveling all along China, Italy, Thailand, and Japan, each film introduces the character and their craft.  

The short films were featured in cinemas, placed before some blockbusters, and in a dedicated microsite where people could know more about the character’s profession and the Porsche model they drive, 

The campaign gathered more than 6 million plays in social media and intense press coverage. 







这一系列影片也被用在了院线广告中,会在院线大片开演前播出 。同时保时捷公司还专门制作了此系列片的官方网站,方便大家观看、了解片中车主及他们所拥有的车型。